astolfo is cute af <3

i love astolfo. astolfo is so cute i want him to sit on my face and afterward we snuggle and kiss. the next morning we would go shopping and buy new skirts in costco and maybe stop in the dairy aisle for special cream and make some in the restroom while we hold each other closely and make each other cum uwu. when we get home we will make donaries with special sauce while we jerk each other off, and after we play together we will grind the german tech tree on war thunder and we will see who can launch their cum the farthest. at night we will snuggle and when we wake up we will have whipped cream with cum on our pancakes. but eventually we will have to get back tp our normal lives. before he would leave i would kiss him for the longest i have ever had before. then he'd decide to propose to me after we kiss. we would both pass away at the age 87 but we had sex for the most of it.